About David El Achkar

David El Achkar HeadshotI’m driven by curiosity.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve followed a winding professional path that has taken me in all sorts of direction.

I’ve worked as a CEO, consultant, fundraiser, event director, and advisor; to startups, not-for-profits, and Fortune 100 companies.

Currently, I run an apparel eCommerce company, the second company I’ve co-founded. I also consult with a variety of businesses as a way to explore new spaces. I work with startups and NGOs on topics of strategy, product development, entrepreneurship, education, and more; but mostly on whatever my clients need help with. I get satisfaction from helping others.

Movement is my (mostly) healthy obsession. I’ve practiced gymnastics, rock climbing, circus arts, Olympic lifting, contemporary dance, juggling, free diving, among other activities. And I get giddy at the opportunity to learn a new skill.

(You’ll find all the professional details here.)