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Hello there!

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Hello there!

I’ve decided to write short blog posts since many people have asked me for updates on how my trip is going. This is a convenient way to do so. And since many of you already know that I lack verbosity to say it lightly, you shouldn’t expect many updates. I’ll aim for one per city or region, but I ain’t promising anything. I get lazy quickly when writing, and have a hard time writing more than a few sentences in a row.

My strategy to “write more” on my final year school writing exam was skipping lines and increasing the size of my writing. I did manage to make it look like a decent size essay. But the result was a 7/20. So don’t expect a literary masterpiece either.

Now, if it were up to me, my weekly review would look something like this: “spent 5 days in London, saw lots of cool stuff, I could see myself living here. Going to Paris now.” But if I did so, first, I’d get voted for worst blog 2011. And you all know that I’m too ambitious to let this happen :). And more importantly, I’d get my ass kicked by those that have been asking for updates.

So here it goes.

[EDIT: I did get my ass kicked by those who have read my blog, not because my writing was too short, but surprisingly because of the opposite. Honestly, I had no clue I would – or even could – write so much, it just flowed and I had to let it go. So please forgive me and enjoy.]

PS: for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick intro:
I started a trip to Europe on May 31st (the day I graduated from McGill University). I am backpacking on my own with a 35L bag and my iPad across major cities. I have no itinerary other than a few key places I’d really like to see (Amsterdam, Berlin,  Prague, south of Spain, etc.) and a Eurail global pass.

[This post is part of a series on my 2011 eurotrip, check out the whole series here

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Published on:   June 5, 2011