Life Log

I have logged every minute of every day since Sunday, May 19, 2013. Crazy? Read more below.

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(near) Real-time Life Log

This is a calendar view of all activities I have completed since May 19, 2013. It covers all 1440 minutes in a day (24 hours). Each entry is a combination of a context, an activity, and information tags (hidden for privacy). Read the introductory post for more info

[In August 2017, I temporarily paused this project. Click back to July or earlier to see what a week looks like.]

Calendar entries are automatically updated every 4 hours;
Some errors are occasionally introduced in the syncing process.

A Random Selection Of  Facts

  • I complete an average of 25 activities per day
  • A little over half of my time is spent on survival activities (e.g., Sleep, Food, shower)
  • On average, I spend approximately 1 hour a day doing each of the following: reading, emailing, commuting, and on calls (meetings).
  • At a high level, I spend 30% of my time working (all kinds; but only the real & deep stuff). That translates into an average 45-hour week. Check out this earlier post to understand why that’s higher than you think..